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Search Engine Optimization Demystified

Ranking ahead of your competition is an important goal for your marketing plan, but it’s about a lot more than “stuffing” the right keywords into your pages. Search algorithms get smarter every year - we even venture to say more human. You’ll be amazed to discover the many ways search engines assess which webpage should rank higher than another, and how search engines use this information to provide custom user experiences that change not only how we use the web, but how we conduct business online.

The SEO Training Course is broken into various modules. At the end of the course, you  will have a keen understanding of SEO and how it applies to your business. Through each of the modules, we’ll explain how the search industry has matured and how SEO can help drive your business forward.

The course will allow each trainee to identify key issues on their own and eventually audit a web property for the purposes of improving SEO. The trainee will also have a firm grasp on conducting keyword research for topic generation and learn the importance of testing and monitoring to improve ranking performance of web pages.

Module 1: Introduction: Basics of SEO

This segment will take the trainees through the history and the foundation of Search Engine Optimization. Through an understanding of the origin of search, the trainee will gain a better sense of how to differentiate “real” SEO from all the smoke and mirrors. This segment will also cover basic content optimization.

Module 2: Intermediate: SEO Fundamental Tactics

This segment will dig into using a cross-section of free and paid tools to conduct detailed keyword research to enhance the ranking performance of your website. The trainees will learn how to gain insights from competitors, as well as how to optimize, measure, and track results.

Module 3: Advanced: SEO Content Campaigns

This segment will enhance the trainee’s online marketing abilities. They will learn how to use the proper tools to create content that will increase ranking performance and widen the funnel to catch the attention of new customers. The trainee will also learn the fundamentals of web analytics to determine the success of their campaigns. 

Please note: Course outlines and materials are subject to change based on industry developments and technical advancements.

"I thought that the training was very well organized and was very impressed with [the trainer’s] ability to apply this training to [our business].  It was obvious that [they] had a foundation of understanding of what we do here and made the training very relevant for someone like me who has very little IT training."

Are you ready to grow your search engine knowledge and increase your business searchability? Let’s get started.

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Course Investments range from $1,500 to $15,000, based on person, skill, industry and company size.

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