Philosophies of Frogness

The Frogs live by a code that defines us, not only in our work but in everything we do. We call this code Frogness.

Frogness is a reflection of our character; the very essence that makes our company what it is. Frogness is like magic; you can’t see it, but you know it’s there. Frogness is the contentment from creating something beautiful. It's the exhilaration from raising a client’s success. It’s the delight of teaching someone something transformative. It’s also in the desire to constantly challenge, change and improve our way of thinking and of being in the world.

Treefrog is a culture that is driven by its people. We embrace diversity, collaboration, compassion and imagination.

We don’t merely have contracts with our clients, we have relationships. Our clients look to us as an extension of their innovation and marketing teams.

“Treefrog is a culture that is driven by its people. We embrace diversity, collaboration, compassion and imagination.”


The Way of the Frogs

Our Guiding Principles

At Treefrog, we have clearly defined "The Way of the Frogs," a philosophical aspiration to be reflected in all of our work and communication with clients. We continually strive to be...


Collaboration requires mutual respect and a willingness to really listen to the thoughts and needs of others. We believe passionately that sincere collaboration produces better results regardless of the endeavour. We also believe that collaborating is simply more rewarding and enjoyable than isolated effort.


We try to bring unusually acute foresight and imagination to all of our work. We try to have the vision to see unique opportunities and the imagination to turn those opportunities into tangible innovations.


We celebrate diversity and embrace the creativity that comes from being open to a broad range of cultures, ideas and opinions. We are eclectic in both our sense of style and our approach to life leading to unique perspectives and surprising solutions.


We try to temper our more eclectic tendencies with a firm respect for solid facts and sound judgment. We are productive because we realize that visionary ideas and startling creativity must be anchored by solid process and practical decisions to succeed.


We are elegant in both our sense of style and our behaviour. We try to personify all that is cool and contemporary and marry it with impeccable taste. We attempt to conduct ourselves with grace and treat others with respect.


We always try to be filled with youthful energy and unbridled joy and to share that vitality with our clients and colleagues. The Frogs are social creatures who revel in the act of play and the fun of discovery. We hope there is a vibrancy of mind and spirit in our staff that is palpable to all who meet us.

And we try our best not to be arrogant, pretentious, flighty, nerdy, boring, or pushy.

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