Mobile Application Scoping

Expedite your development project with a clearly defined blueprint and scope

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No matter what size your business is, the industry vertical you’re in, or what market demographic you serve, a mobile app is the natural evolution of your business’s digital DNA.

Before we build your user-centric mobile app, our full-stack development team employs four stages to the all-important app scoping phase to set guidelines and development predictability. As part of that process, we will provide you with a wireframe or prototype of your project that will include:

Market validation

If you build it, will they come? Exhaustive, detailed market research and validation is an essential primary step for any mobile app whether your business is a startup or recognized brand. Who is your target audience? And what will your app concept do to alleviate their pain points or satisfy customer demand? Through research and interviews, we will test your product concept against the potential target market.

Outlining the development requirements

This is the blueprint the development of your app will follow. This foundational document details what the systemic and technical specifications are, the resources required to meet those needs, details about your existing servers, databases, and API (application programming interface). It also determines what your support, maintenance, and future upgrade requirements are.

Establishing a development roadmap

A roadmap provides full transparency into both the short- and long-term development goals and deadlines. It’s the document that provides insight into plans and the coordination of development.

Determining a budget 

We will tailor our development processes to meet your strategic goals as per the costs involved, any perceived additional overheads, and the budget your company can commit to the project.

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