All Your Essential Business Tools:
One Dashboard

Today companies use a variety of tools and applications to organize their business more efficiently and communicate more effectively. Managing these tools can be overwhelming and time consuming. Mergini is a web-based Business Operating System that allows companies to run multiple applications from the convenience of a single dashboard.

Imagine a hub that would give you customized applications to monitor employee engagement, recruit new staff, book boardrooms and holiday time, and also access key external tools like your CRM and conferencing software.

Have a challenge that’s unique to your organization? We can create custom applications within the Mergini framework to help you streamline your workflow and processes through this centralized online resource.

Which Mergini tools can help your business the most?

Employee Satisfaction Index (ESI)

Build engagement with a quick monthly survey. You can address issues, connect with dissatisfied individuals, and graph your progress to a better and more productive culture.

Talent Recruitment

Choosing the right candidate from a resume or LinkedIn profile alone is a challenge and it’s time consuming to sift through the prospects. Meet applicants virtually to help you select the best talent for interviewing.

Holiday Booking

Let employees request their vacation time online and track the time they have available for use. Their requests will be submitted to their direct manager for approval and everyone in the company has visibility for planning meetings and production.

Boardroom Booking

No more confusion over when meeting room resources are available. Eliminate double bookings. Empower admin staff to be ready for every meeting. A central calendar lets everyone book online with full visibility on availability. 

Proposal Machine

Standardize and expedite proposals for your client. We help you create pre-set pages designed to your brand. Every member of your sales team can create proposals fast and on the fly without compromising brand or quality.

SEO Rank Monitor

Get instant answers when you need to know where you’re ranking in search engines for your critical keywords. Run custom reports to see where you sit in comparison to your competitors and set up automated reports to let you be responsive in optimizing your website.

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