Mail BeaverMail Beaver

Email marketing  is an effective way to reach your existing customers to keep them coming back - to your website and to your business. Whether you're promoting seasonal specials or reminding them of everything you can offer them, it's proactive marketing and it works.

Mail Beaver is Treefrog's email broadcasting software, developed and hosted in Canada. Each broadcast is sent on a template that is custom-designed to support your brand and the look and feel of your website. The aesthetic alone will set you apart, and Mail Beaver's comprehensive tools and ease of use will make it easy for you to keep your valued customers informed.

Discover the Benefits of Mail Beaver Email Broadcasting:

  • List management functionality lets you set up targeted lists, marketing to specific groups about the news that's most relevant to them.

  • Scheduled broadcasts so you can send immediately or in the wee hours of the morning without losing a wink of sleep.

  • Multiple schedules per broadcast let you send the same broadcast to different lists at different times, or even on different days.

  • Reward customers who click through to your site with auto-populated email forms once they reach your website. Make their user experience so easy they won't think twice about reaching out for your products and services.

  • CASL-compliant direct sign-up lets users sign up for your broadcasts from your website with double opt-in and unsubscribe options to protect their privacy. They'll respect your consideration and you'll be protected from anti-spam violations.

We've thought of many conveniences to make your email marketing easier than ever.