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Take control of your website with LEAP

Manage your website as effectively as you manage your business with the LEAP Content Management System. No waiting, no hourly update costs, no mistakes.

Websites are often thought of as online pamphlets to be updated occasionally and at great expense. Such websites cost you not only money, but the time and energy required to coordinate those updates.

With LEAP you can complete changes faster than you can call us to do them for you. You can build your website every day by adding a photo in seconds or creating an entirely new page in minutes.

LEAP elevates your website from a brochure to an integrated and effective tool for marketing, communication and selling. Whether your sales platform is run by an individual or a team, this system is designed to allow anyone to maintain a perfectly current site.

How can you put your website to work as part of your sales team? 

  • Advertise your latest sales and promotions

  • Introduce a new product

  • Share a seasonal message with your online business partners

  • Announce a new location or introduce a new staff member

These little changes occur all of the time. Now you can keep your site up to date without depending on a contractor for timely and expensive service.

LEAP is ready to go from the moment it is installed with a wide range of modules to help you easily grow and maintain your website. From the basics of text, titles and photos to more elaborate photo galleries, email forms, blogging and so much more, LEAP is an adaptable tool kit for any website. We can also create custom modules to cover all your needs.

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