LEAP® CMS Training

Learn to leverage the power of content managed websites and how to work with the full extent of tools in the LEAP Content Management System

With a content management system in your website, you can handle small day-to-day changes like date changes or typo fixes to building a whole new section in your menu. You can blog, optimize for search engines, and capture targeted leads through email forms on specific pages. You don’t need to be a programmer - you just need quality training from our friendly and informed Frogs.

Wordpress and Other CMS Training

While LEAP is our flagship CMS, our team are experts in other third-party CMS and e-commerce software as well and we can help you learn them as well. We can help to train you on WordPress, Shopify, and more. Tell us where you need help and we can discuss developing a training program to move you forward.

Take control of your website

We train you on your website so it’s not theory - it’s entirely relevant to your needs. 

Level 1

Whether we’re teaching you to use a beautiful new website that we’ve just launched for you or you need to onboard a new employee and get them up to speed (or you just need a refresher course), level 1 is the place to start. We’ll teach you how to “LEAP” in and out of your site and find your way around the system. You’ll learn to make simple text changes, create a new page, perform search engine optimization tasks, add images and galleries, and take a sneak peek at all of the other features in LEAP. If you have any custom features in your site, we’ll also teach you how to use those.

Level 2

If that sneak peek of LEAP’s many features has created a yearning for learning, it’s time to advance to level 2. We recommend that you develop some comfort with your newfound level 1 skills before taking this next step; we’ll be here when you’re ready. Find out about email forms, the blog module, custom buttons, managing menus, and so much more. If you have a login area, we’ll teach you how to manage this “Trusted Users” section, including the users and the content available behind the scenes.

Are you ready to LEAP? Let's get started.

And be sure to ask how your firm can take advantage of the Canada-Ontario Job Grant to get up to 85% of the training cost refunded by an eligible third-party trainer like Treefrog.

Course Investments range from $150 to $15,000 based on person, skill, industry and company size.

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“When was the last time you updated your LEAP website?”


Monthly Refresher LEAP Training

Search engines love new and relevant content and your LEAP website is perfect for that, but we know it's easy to forget how to do some of LEAP's most basic stuff in your hectic schedule. So we've set up regular LEAP refresher courses to take you through the basics so you can get back into updating your website!

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