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Web Content Administrator in LEAP CMS

Learn to leverage the power of content managed websites and how to work with the full extent of tools in the LEAP Content Management System. From the power of the titles, alt text and keywords, to the tools and techniques for visual images, gallery management, creating links, forms, blogs, news feeds. 

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This series of courses is designed to take the non-web-savvy person to a level of skill and confidence in making excellent additions to their content managed website.

Web Content Admin - Level 1

  • W01.01 Web Skills 101: Principles of Website Excellence (2 x 2 hrs)

  • W01.03 Basic LEAP3 Content Management System (2 hrs)

  • W01.05 Basic LEAP5 Content Management System (2 hrs)

  • W01.08 Website Strategy (2x 2 hrs)*

Web - Level 2

  • W02.03 Advanced LEAP3 Content Management System (3 hrs)

  • W02.05 Advanced LEAP5 Content Management System (3 hrs)

Web - Custom

  • W10.03 Refresher LEAP3 Content Management System (1hr)

  • W10.05 Refresher LEAP5 Content Management System (1hr)

  • W10.10 Custom Systems User Training (On Request)


“When was the last time you updated your LEAP website?”


Refresher LEAP Training

Search engines love new and relevant content and your LEAP website is perfect for that, but we know it's easy to forget how to do some of LEAP's most basic stuff in your hectic schedule. So we've set up regular LEAP refresher courses to take you through the basics so you can get back into updating your website!

  • Advanced LEAP  Refresher Webinar
    This will take you through File Folder Modules, Email Forms, Templates, Trusted User Section, and other more advanced features.
    Price: $POA

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