Meet the Frogs

We're the Frogs. We’re a dynamic mixture of passion, creativity, talent, spirit, and drive. Together we bring vitality and success to our clients' brands, visions, and concepts. And we’re also pretty fun to hang around with.

Sarid Layton

Business Development Manager & DMS 905.836.4442 x117

Tina McLachlan

Controller 905.836.4442 x106

Roxanne Clement

Client Care Advocate 905.836.4442 x134

Aemelia O'Callaghan

Client Care Advocate 905.836.4442 x110

Marina Layton

Client Care Coordinator 905.836.4442 x101

Jennifer Chase

Digital Project Manager 905.836.4442 x132

Cameron Webb

Digital Project Manager 905.836.4442 x111

Alessandra Pacitto

Digital Project Manager 905.836.4442 x120

Kristina Muskat

Executive Assistant 905.836.4442 x108

Kerri Williscroft

Graphic Designer 905.836.4442 x115

Andrew Peden

Graphic Designer 905.836.4442 x121

Rico Pertras

Graphic Designer
& Quality Assurance 905.836.4442 x128

Kyle Jessup

Senior Software Developer 905.836.4442 x118

Adam McLachlan

Web Developer 905.836.4442 x127

Gwen Hynds

Web Developer 905.836.4442

Marc Lester

Web Developer 905.836.4442

Rocky Wei

Web Developer 905.836.4442

Eric Knibbe

Quartermaster 905.836.4442 x105

Russell Ordona

Technical Support Specialist 905.836.4442 x123

Matthew Zimmerman

System Administrator 905.836.4442 x133

Serhii Pianykh

Mobile Developer 905.836.4442

Kellie Anderson

Content & Digital Marketing Specialist 905.836.4442 x104

Kevin Cobus

SEO Manager 905.836.4442 x103

Matthew Griffith

Lead SEM & SEO Specialist 905.836.4442 x116

Dylan Galloway

Digital Marketing Specialist 905.836.4442 x125

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