Treefrog Values

Treefrog believes in...

At Treefrog, we believe we should be your “website collaborator.”  This term conveys a key benefit delivered by our team; a style of service that is defined by collaboration rather than the benign delivery of products and services. 

The Frogs work with you to clearly understand your needs and desires and involve you in the development process. For these reasons “website collaborator” is a description that distinguishes us from our competitors by addressing your direct needs – we will be your Internet partner to help create a website in which you can take pride.

Treefrog Believes In… Accountability

At all levels, internally and externally, we strive to provide meaningful value for all of the systems and websites which we have brought into the world.

Treefrog Believes In… Excellence

Excellence may not always be achieved, given time restrictions, budget and other unknown variables, but it is always our goal.

Treefrog Believes In… Pushing Boundaries

Treefrog believes that great things come from challenging the status quo. Whether it is questioning perceptions, accepted norms or technology, Treefrog seeks to discover new and better ways of doing things.

Treefrog Believes In… Relationships

Relationships define life. The quality of our relationships determines the level of our success and of our contentment. Treefrog treats every relationship as an opportunity to give and to grow.

Treefrog Believes In… Community

Whether family, friends, neighbours, co-workers or complete strangers, Treefrog believes that we were put on this Earth to help each other.

We offer a broad range of services that in some cases transcend the core business of providing Internet solutions. Graphic design, video production and premiums and incentives are services that compliment the core Internet business but that are also offered as stand alone services. In all cases Treefrog develops and offers services that will first and foremost compliment the core Internet solutions business and bring added value to our clients.