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Mister Transmission Unified Digital Partner

Branding • Web Design • SEO • PPC • Social Media

Mister Transmission has a well-recognized brand in Canada. For over 50 years, they have been the trusted source for transmission repairs. Treefrog has been a proud partner in their website for many years, and in 2014 we expanded that partnership to a broader Unified Digital Partner relationship.

Now under new ownership, Mister Transmission was looking to refresh their brand while maintaining the strength of their recognition. Once the brand was ready to go, expanding their marketing also included an updated website design, logo maturation and brand messaging, increased search engine optimization (SEO) services, social media support, pay per click (PPC) advertising, and a variety of other graphic design and webmastering services.

Brand Maturation and Messaging

The Mister Transmission logo was well established but in need of modernization. The transmission icon became a smaller part of the brand, incorporated in subtle ways in the website and other collateral. The typography of the wordmark was modernized and the colours standardized, making it more professional, more consistent, and easier to read. The new tagline, Transmission and technology experts, was also incorporated into the primary wordmark. A brand standard guideline was also established to ensure consistent use throughout all communications and advertising for a unified brand experience.

Since a brand is about much more than a logo, we also looked at the essence of the brand – the character they want to present to the world and the tone of voice used to communicate it. This was established by examining the company’s values, the consumer groups they’re targeting, and what language is appropriate and appealing to each of these groups within the company’s values and character. 

“Since a brand is about much more than a logo, we looked at the essence of the brand – the character they want to present to the world and the tone of voice used...”


Web Design

With the foundational work of brand aesthetics and voice completed, we moved on to rethinking the website to reach those same target audiences effectively. Now a responsive site, it is effective for motorists to get the information they need when they’re having car troubles on the road, while those interested in more information about their transmission or vehicle can explore the site easily from any device.

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Treefrog has worked with Mister Transmission on their search engine optimization for several years, and the impact is notable. From 2013 to 2014, the website experienced a 28% increase in total visits, a 79% increase in total pageviews, and the bounce rate dropped by 37%, showing that visitors are finding more clear paths through which to engage with the site and get the information they need.


increase in total website visits


increase in total number of web pages viewed


decrease in bounce rate on website

Social Media

Mister Transmission advanced its social media engagement substantially in 2014. We created a social media strategy that referenced their values and goals to establish a game plan for building 3 key pillars: brand awareness, consumer trust, and recognition of their technology expertise. The most suitable channels to achieve the goals were determined to be Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and YouTube. Though the website, customers are now able to submit video reviews which are posted on YouTube as well as the website. Treefrog facilitated and monitored social media activities to ensure timely responses and active engagement to better serve Mister Transmission’s customers.

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