Bulk Hours
Investment Discount

For clients with complex project needs and are looking for quick turn-around on their work, we sell “Bulk Hours”, in advance – like “pre-paid minutes” by a phone company. These can be bought according to the standard schedule below at any time. More hours purchased in advance greatly reduces administration and risk for Treefrog, leading to an ability to lower our industry-standard rates to more competitive rates.

The following rates apply to all of Treefrog’s professional services, when purchased in advance;

# of Hours Rate Price
1 hour $175 $175
2 – 24 hours $175 (5 hours $875; 10 hours $1,750; 15 hours $2,625)
25+ hours $165 (25 hours $4125)
50+ hours $160 (50 hours $8000)
100+ hours $157.50 (100 hours $15,750)
200+ hours $155 (200 hours $31,000)
500+ hours $150 (500 hours $75,000)


*NOTE: Bulk Hours are not payable via Credit Card or PayPal, but must be paid through e-transfer, cheque, or ACH payment.

This bulk pricing is applicable towards graphic design, UX design, print design, content development, website programming, mobile programming, project management, administration and all other related Treefrog services.

We are happy to take on the project in any grouping of hours. Note these are billed at the keyboard hours. Developers usually bill ~6 hours a day, and don’t charge to get coffee, take holidays, etc – you are only billed hours of actual development or professional activity. Hence, this is much more competitive than a “day rate”, as most agencies charge.

If your hours are being purchased towards an estimated budget, Treefrog will provide regular updates on the status of the project so as to stay within the budget provided if possible. When possible, you will be provided with a time estimation for each project and approval prior to commencing each project. Should the hourly budget exceed the outlined amount, Treefrog will invoice you at the industry rate of $175.00 per hour for overages.

Note that these hours must be paid for in advance, in full, in order for the discounted rates to apply – failure to pay in advance incurs our full rate. Time bought at discounted rates is not refundable, not transferrable to alternate services and may only be used for professional services. Hours are to be used with twelves months of purchase – after one year of lack of contact from your company, the hours are expunged.

Treefrog reserves the right to update these prices at any time: all previous purchased hours maintain their hourly rate.

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