How Can I Attract Good People for My Team?

Corporate culture isn’t just about keeping the employees you have. Sharing it can also help you get the employees you want (and need).

Every business has a corporate culture, but not every business has built it with intention, or even knows what it is. A poor or neglected culture can cause dissent among employees and high turnover rates. The cost of such chaos is insidious and high. On the other hand, investing in a positive culture can increase productivity, enhance productivity, and earn the loyalty of your team.

“Engaging the hearts, minds, and hands of talent is the most sustainable source of competitive advantage.”

Greg Harris, Quantum Workplace


Having an exceptional culture is only the first step. Putting it out there into the world is what will allow you to attract the best and brightest talent. You make a big commitment to an employee when you hire them, so it makes sense that you would look at their LinkedIn profile, and possibly even browse their more personal social media presence through Facebook and Twitter.

Here’s the thing: they also make an investment in you, so why wouldn’t they check out your website and social media profiles? If they’re going to spend many of their waking hours working for you, they want to know your office is a place they want to be every day. They want to know they’ll have opportunities for growth, and that they’ll be part of a team, part of something bigger than themselves.

Treefrog can help you find the right channels to reach the best and brightest in your industry. We can help you to decide the best strategies for your social media activities to engage both prospective clients and prospective employees. We even have a web application to help you screen talent with online interviews and targeted questions to make sure you’ll fit well together for a productive and successful relationship.