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Developing websites gets more complex all the time with countless new devices released every year. Making sure users have a great experience from desktop and laptop to tablet and smartphone is key to a successful website.


of users access websites through a smartphone*


of users bounce to another site if their first pick isn’t mobile friendly**


70% of mobile searches result in action in the first hour***

Responsive websites ensure a seamless experience across a wide range of devices, and the a.mphibio.us framework helps web developers achieve this faster and better. A.mphibio.us has a responsive grid for easy layout, it resets all browsers to the same conventions, and it has developer-friendly naming conventions so it’s easy to learn.

Want to learn more? Visit the a.mphibio.us website to download the Rapid Development Kit and a sample project, and check out the video:


* http://www.cira.ca/factbook/2014/the-canadian-internet.html