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Amanda Schubert

Client Care Advocate

Hidden Talents & Fun Facts:

Reality TV Junkie • Social Media Addict • Animal Lover/Cat Lady

Amanda's natural leadership and assertive nature have fueled her ambition and motivation to excel in all things she tries. Like other Frogs, she enjoys learning new skills, making new connections and trying her hand at new tasks. This need to do and learn more has enabled her travel bug and sent her to several countries in North America and the Caribbean, choosing the warm and lovely Punta Cana for her wedding! 

After earning a diploma in radio broadcasting from Humber College, Amanda worked with WestJet, an organization known for their attention to customer care. Amanda took that experience and shifted her focus to support new and existing clients in driving their success.

When she's not keeping the Frogs organized and tending to our many clients, you can find her enjoying time with her little one! She puts her social media addiction to good use in the real world with a wide range of Pinterest projects, from baking and crafts to planning themed parties. We love our special events at Treefrog, even more so if they've got a fun theme, so we're thrilled to have Amanda on our team!