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Sean Stephens Sean Stephens
t: 905.836.4442 x109

Steph Uprichard Steph Uprichard
Partner in Absentia
t: 905.836.4442

Jim Leavitt Jim Leavitt
Head Programmer
t: 905.836.4442 x104

Jordon Davidson Jordon Davidson
Senior Developer
t: 905.836.4442 x102

Jen Hawkyard Jen Hawkyard
Art Director
t: 905.836.4442 x114

Kyleigh Hunter Kyleigh Hunter
Graphic Designer
t: 905.836.4442 x116

Sarid Layton Sarid Layton
Business Development Manager
t: 905.836.4442 x117

Kerri Williscroft Kerri Williscroft
Graphic Designer
t: 905.836.4442 x115

Alison Mumford Alison Mumford
Client Advocate
t: 905.836.4442 x108

Eric Knibbe Eric Knibbe
t: 905.836.4442 x105

Christina Loomis Christina Loomis
Project Manager
t: 905.836.4442 x110

Jono Guthrie Jono Guthrie
Lead Developer
t: 905.836.4442 x118

Clive Moore Clive Moore
t: 905.836.4442 x111

Kevin Cobus Kevin Cobus
SEO Manager
t: 905.836.4442 x103

Andrea Gust Andrea Gust
Site Architecture and Content Development
t: 905.836.4442 x113

Cait Stephens Cait Stephens
Content Developer
t: 905.836.4442 x122

Rachel Guthrie Rachel Guthrie
R & D Manager
t: 905.836.4442 x107

Tina McLachlan Tina McLachlan
t: 905.836.4442 x106

Shao Miller Shao Miller
Network Technician
t: 905.836.4442 x112

Chris Voorberg Chris Voorberg
Web Developer
t: 905.836.4442 x119

Robyn Eaton Robyn Eaton
t: 905.836.4442 x101

Stephanie Greenall Stephanie Greenall
SEO Content Writer
t: 905.836.4442 x125

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Treefrog Inc. 567 Davis Drive Newmarket, ON L3Y 2P5 P : 905-836-4442 F: 905-895-6561

From Toronto

  1. Hwy 404 North
  2. Take the Davis Dr. Exit
  3. Make a Left (West) onto Davis Dr. (Hwy 9)
  4. Follow Davis Dr. just past Southlake Hospital
  5. Turn Right into 567 Davis Drive

From Barrie

  1. Hwy 400 South
  2. Take the Newmarket/Orangeville Exit (Hwy 9)
  3. Go left (East) on Davis Drive (HWY 9) and past Main Street, Newmarket
  4. Just before Southlake Hospital, turn left into 567 Davis Drive

Staff Directory

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